About us

Softescu brings to life your innovative ideas and projects

Softescu is your technical partner with expertise in creating enterprise applications using Drupal, Angular, Xamarin or Hyperledger. With an experienced and closely knitted team of more than 40 staff, Softescu can build applications and portals tailored to your needs and expectations.

Softescu has offices in USA (New York City) and Romania (Bacau). 

At Softescu, our specialists are working side by side to create portals and web applications to solve the most challenging business problems. With more than 15 certified Drupal developers, Softescu is your right partner to develop digital experiences with Drupal 8. Softescu is an active Supporting Partner for Drupal Association, and you can meet our team at various Drupal Camps and Drupal Cons all across the globe.



We transform information technology into a positive experience for people.


Ordinary people creating extraordinary things.


  • Quality in what we do. We want to be better every day through the continuous growth of quality.
  • Continuous professional and personal development. We are constantly learning and developing to adapt to the needs of markets by exploring new technologies and working methods.
  • Professional and social responsible. We contribute to the development of our professional communities by sharing our knowledge. We are responsible for the environment and the law.
  • Open to us and others. We believe in equal chances and opportunities regardless of individual guidelines. We respect each other in a work environment that encourages collaboration and the emergence of ideas.
  • We add something unique. We personalize what we do, from the work environment to the services we deliver to our customers.




We are ISO SR EN 9001 and ISO SR EN 27001 Certified by Lloyd’s Register.

Certificari ISO


Protection of the company's assets is vital to the success of our business. To that end, we have set up an information security management system that manages all the processes necessary to identify the information that needs protection and how it can be protected. As the needs of our business are changing, we recognize that our management system needs to be continually adapted and improved to meet the needs of the organization. In this sense, we always set new goals and periodically review our processes. Read more