Decoupled Drupal with AngularJS class in Japan

This summer, Softescu meets the Japanese Drupal community for a Decoupled Drupal with Angular class.

Jul 26th, 2017, starting with 19.00, Adrian Pintilie and Ionut Stan (Drupal & Angular specialists, as well as key-members at Softescu), will be speakers and trainers for a Decoupled Drupal with Angular 2h and a half class. The course takes places in Japan, and the registration is just ¥500 at the door.

As there is room for around 10 people, you may want to register in advance. We are looking forward to this course...not to mention what an honor it is for us!

The course was thought mainly for an intermediate level programmer who wants to develop advanced interfaces using both Angular and Drupal. Thus being said, the course will feature some introductory notes, followed by notions of Angular Architecture and Drupal 8 - RESTful Web Services API. By the end of the lecture, together with the participants, we will try to see future steps in decoupled interfaces.

The course will be 60% about Angular and 30% about Drupal 8.x and 10% on front end design. To give some inside info, besides the actual lessons and course chapters, the class comprises actual development cases, a Q&A session, as well as a social gathering with all the course applicants, after the actual study session is over.

More info on the event’s official page

Register now, or if cannot attend, spread the word!

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