Really looking forward to tasting their Drupalinka, which, from what we've heard is literally eau de vie. The event features lots of training sessions and some great chances for networking.

Thumbs up to the organizers!

Also, Softescu is one of the sponsors, so we are really looking forward to being there!

If in Cluj for DC Transylvania, you should know that Cluj is a vibrant city with some great dinners and lots of things to do. The organizers of DC Transylvania have a dedicated page for everyone that wants to visit Cluj-Napoca. However, while the main tourist attractions can be found on almost all dedicated websites, here are some of our favorite places to hang out with the locals while enjoying great food.

Roots for breakfast

No, you are not growing roots, besides you will wish to do it in this modern 'urban tastery'. This is some of the best places in town for a healthy tasty breakfast. Also, they have almost any type of coffee you wish for. Siphon, V60, name it, they have it. During the day, the place is a coffee shop, but in the evening it transforms into this tapas bar. You can find it at 4 Eroilor Street, Cluj.

Traditional Cluj Food

"Cabbage a la Cluj" is national famous food best enjoyed in Cluj. In Romanian, you can find it under "Varza a la Cluj" and best place in town to serve it is at Varzarie. Literally, the name of the shop is definition of Cabbage + Restaurant. You can find it in the middle of Bd. Eroilor.

Twelve for the day menu

When the clock hits twelve, and hunger attacks, you will want to head to the Twelve Restaurant on 12 Constanta street, Cluj. They have a great offer for breakfast, but we love them for a great lunch. Pasta, soups, pizza, salads. Their healthy plate is to-die-for, as well as their hamburger and their apple pie.

Cocotte for fancy vibes

Looking for some fancy cuisine? Then Cabinet de Vin & Cocotte is the place for you. The restaurant creates a sort of culinary journey that we love very much. The design is simple and cute, the staff is friendly. BTW, you need to try their seafood salad and their mini-vegetables. you can find them at 5 Eroilor Boulevard, Cluj Napoca.

Baracca: fine dining in the heart of Cluj

The last on our list is by far the fanciest. Baracca is 2015's fine dining restaurant of the year. Their food is sort of a perfect combination of design and best-picked ingredients. We wouldn't know what to recommend as most of their specialties are great. Still, you may want to try their Mangalica steak. You can find them at 8A Napoca Street, Cluj Napoca

Let us know which one you enjoyed more in the comment section below. Hope this helps and see you at DrupalCamp Transylvania.

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