At DrupalCon Austin 2014!

Heavy back-pack? Low on energy? Too many information? Empty battery? Come to our lounge for a pit stop!

We will have rechargers for you and your batteries. For you all drupalistas, if you are in Texas this June 2-4 visit us and if you are not, then where the hell are you? Every Drupalistas in North America will be from June 2-6 2014 in Austin, Texas.

Come and have a meeting, a coding session or a moment of loneliness on our couches. We said loneliness no looney-ness!

Softescu is sustaining learning & innovation this year by an active involvement in the Drupal Community. We are now sponsoring a lounge at DrupalCon Austin 2014. DrupalCon is an international gathering of the Drupal Community to learn, share, discuss, and advance the Drupal project, as well as to network with other Drupal community members.

For more information on the conference visit:

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