Softescu's team at DrupalCon Vienna

As in past years, some of Softescu’s developers packed their laptops and left the office to meet the Drupal European community, this time in Vienna. It’s always an honor to be present at this fabulous yearly event, not to mention the excitement to be surrounded by people with the same passions and interests.

Just to imagine how many people participated, we gave approximately 800 free coffees, that we hope you liked. It was awesome to meet y’all and we hope to see you at some other European Drupal Events and also at DrupalCon Nashville!

In a word...DrupalCon

A great opportunity to exchange ideas, to discover innovations and to find new a word DrupalCon.
While packing and preparing to go home, a hard feeling of both regret and happiness occurred. It’s indeed the last European DrupalCon...
Our first European DC was in Amsterdam in 2014, then came Barcelona, Dublin and it seems that Vienna is going to be the last in this series of incredible events. Along the years, we have discovered thousands of friends, ideas, and technologies, and for that, we must thank all those amazing Drupal Association and local teams that made all this possible.

Maybe it’s for the best

Trying to find out the good part of this announcement, we think that in the long term, this will encourage the local communities to make bigger events, become stronger and even more united. Yet, time will tell if we are right or no.

Until DC Nashville, see you at Drupal Day in Spain, at DrupalCamp London in England, at Drupal HackCamp Bucharest in Romania, and at all the other European Drupal Events that you can check out on drupical.

See you soon!

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