MidCamp 2016 - It was a thrill!

We are extremely glad that we were able to take part in the largest mid-US Drupal gathering that took place in the windy city, Chicago.

And what a thrill it was! Literally!

Of course, Drupal 8 took the central stage across many stages, but MidCamp wasn't just a regular Drupal Camp. It was also a debut of a new type of session: Your Expert Is In < insert Drupal shop here> where for an hour, the attendees had the possibility to address any kind of Drupal related guru-topic and the experts from that company would come back with top advice. We're waiting to see if  this format will be adopted even by  other DrupalCamps as well.

A couple of sessions drew our attention:

Sizing up responsive images where we could learn on how to leverage the power of latest HTML markup to take responsive design (images) to a whole new level and the unforgettable:

Project Management - The Musical. You really have to check the videos to see how great this was!

MidCamp 2016 was a truly thrilling experience! Congratulations to the organizers for the successful event and to the speakers for their great sessions.

By the way, Softescu was an sponsor of MidCamp Chicago 2016 and we encourage everyone to sponsor this type of events, as this is another chance to show your support to the great community that makes Drupal possible.

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