A moment to praise Softescu’s coding women

Unfortunately, the tech field is usually seen as a “boy’s club”. There’s even the notion of brogrammer to describe the lack of women in the field, and for some companies that is true. For some, but not for Softescu.

Well, while having a small coffee break from all our usual coding sprints, we took a moment to praise the work of our female colleagues and to touch this rather sensitive subject of women in tech, from our point of view.

30% women developers and counting

Softescu is not a men-only company and there is no intention to become such a thing. We are having some really professional female programmers that could face all challenges, at the same level of quality and professionalism as their male colleagues, if not better.

For full-time, year-round coding, women that are making part of Softescu's team, are paid just the same as what men are paid, so there is no gender gap and we see no reason to have such a thing! If they are doing the same tasks, at the same speed as the boys, why to have an unequal pay for women?

After doing the math, more than 30% of the Drupal development team is formed by women-programmers, some of them even in senior positions and Acquia Certified Drupal Developers. How great is that? Besides that, women are also in management positions working as PM (project manager) or marketing manager.

Some of our female colleagues are mothers and it’s always a pleasure when they bring their kids to work. They’re the programmers of tomorrow, as we like to call them.

It's really great to work in such an environment! (and this is a girl talking, btw)

Hoping more will code with us in the future

As Softescu’s teams are expanding, we are hoping that more and more female-programmers will decide to join us and to make part of our team. Maybe someday we will have more than 50% female developers, who knows...

From our previous examples and experiences, women have the same level of expertise and capacity to learn when it comes to Drupal, just as their male colleagues. Girls can code and our girls can code better than everyone!

Happy #DayoftheGirl, and keep on coding!

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