Visit Lounge 2 at the Baltimore Convention Center

As you may already know, from the 24th to the 28th of April, Baltimore, Maryland becomes the capital city of Drupal enthusiasts worldwide, as DrupalCon Baltimore begins.

If you want to meet some of Softescu's specialists, visit Lounge 2 at the Baltimore Convention Center. We'll have a coffee while talking about the latest discoveries in the field of Drupal, or how our designers and developers can transform your digital project.

DrupalCon Baltimore is the first DrupalCon in 2017, then DrupalCon Vienna is the next (26-29 September 2017).

On the official website, the organizers state that "DrupalCon brings together thousands of people from across the globe who use, develop, design, and support Drupal. Together we will unite in celebration to gain new skills, new friends, and advance the Drupal project."

While talking with Tim Constien about DrupalCons in general, and DrupalCon Baltimore in particular, he gives the following piece of advice:

"I would say that if you are attending, look at the new bits of programming that will be added. New tracks, new speakers, the diversity of content and the diversity of speakers, as well as, with this new content programming, the new faces that you’ll see there. With Drupal 8 appealing to more people and having more success in different domains of activity and industries, we’re hoping that it will bring in a new set of attendees.

My personal piece of advice: keep an eye on the programming once that’s launched. It’s going to be so diverse and interesting, you will find something for everyone."

Read the whole interview with t_con.

Getting back to DC Baltimore, the organizers promise lots of training sessions, sprints, workshops and even a Drupal Trivia night. Be ready to see some new faces and some real diversity within attendees and programs.

See y'all at DC Baltimore!

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