Why you should visit Softescu’s Lounge at DrupalCon Vienna

It’s that moment of the year again. Once again, some of Softescu’s Drupal Developers are leaving the office for a week of DrupalCon Europe. Word is that this may be the last DrupalCon Europe, so we’ve decided to make the best out of this one. So, from the 26th to the 29 of September, if attending DC Vienna you must visit Softescu’s lounge! Why?

Here’s a list of reasons why to visit Softescu’s lounge:

FREE hot coffee

Sometimes coding may be exhausting. If you are in search of a nice cup of coffee, you must visit Softescu’s lounge for a FREE cup of the most amazing coffee. Did we mention that it’s free?

A chance to exchange ideas with some great Drupal and Angular developers

Some of Softescu’s seniors will be attending this DC, so this is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and find out new stuff. Don’t be surprised if you will find them on their laptops, as that's their natural state.

A chance to win a GronkBall Speaker

During DrupalCon Vienna, all DC attendees must take part in Softescu’s Eye On Drupal Contest for a chance to win an amazing Gronkball Speaker. Visit the lounge for more details.
Also, read Eye on Softescu’s Contest @DrupalConEur to find out more about this giveaway.

Great FREE stickers

Some really classy stickers are awaiting! The “In <code> we trust” or the already famous “”Gimme a <br>” stickers are already in Vienna expecting some cool coders to give them a nice laptop to stick to.

A chance to find out more about Drupal HackCamp Bucharest

In 2018, Bucharest will be hosting Drupal HackCamp, the only Romanian camp focusing on Drupal security, authentication, cryptography, and privacy. This is a unique chance to find out more about this great event to take place in 2018!

Hope we’ve convinced you to visit us. See you all at DrupalCon Vienna!

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