Softescu’s 2018 Drupal Events calendar was a very full one. As the year is coming to an end I cannot help but ponder of the opportunities this year has brought me. This was the year I got to take part in a lot of ‘first times’ as a developer and participant of Drupal events.

Drupal Camp London was the first event I attended this year. It was also my first international event.

Here I got to meet people from the community that I only previously knew from articles and contributions. While at the event I participated in many sessions and learned quite a few things. After I came back I was inspired to write an article, if you want to read it, you can access it here.

The second event of the year for me was the Drupal HackCamp one in Bucharest.

This was the event that I was the most excited about as I was going to be a speaker for the first time. I was dreading the moment I would have to speak in front of people and I was secretly wishing people would mostly attend the other session that was on. Well, my wishing didn’t work, I actually had a full house attendance and it was loads of fun, especially at the end when I realized that it was over and I was already thinking of what I can talk about next.

Drupal HackCamp was also packed with information. So much information that I got to take back with me and apply in my day to day projects. We learned about copyright and licenses. How security is an issue that all programmers should consider tackling.

I learned about the OWASP Top Ten and how easily we can give malicious users access to our websites if we don’t pay attention to how we write code.

The last event I got to take part in was Drupal Europe in Darmstadt. This is also known as the event in which I got the courage to take part in coding sprints. Contributing was something that I wanted to do since Drupal Camp London, but didn’t know exactly where to start and I needed to have someone to guide me through. Plus it is much more fun to have a table full of people contributing to the same project and helping each other. At the end of the event I had 3 contributions pushed into the core to the Umami Project, small fixes but I am very proud of them nonetheless. This sparked my interest in future contributions, giving back to the community and even contributing with a small module even though I am a Frontend Developer.


The only way to end an eventful year like this? Well, this month I got certified as a Drupal Developer. It has been a couple of years since my last certification and I can see the progress I’ve made and how much I’ve learned from all the Drupal 8 projects I got the chance to work on.


At the end of the year, I am happy I got to do so many new things this year and grateful to be part of an organization that offers these kinds of opportunities that help me improve as a developer. And if you think about it, the year isn’t over yet, I still have a month left of it and many more things can happen.


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