Bootstrap your way to the top with Drupal 8

So what is this Bootstrap we’re all praising?

Bootstrap is a front-end framework made out of HTML- and CSS-based design templates that were originally created to ease the development of dynamic websites and web applications. It comes with several JavaScript components in the form of jQuery plugins that will make your website fully responsive and it is compatible with almost all the browsers on the market.
To make a long story short, bootstrap is the tool to use if you want a fully responsive website design or an RWD.

Why wanting a responsive website?

Because SEO and potatoes...actually it's more about SEO and less about potatoes, but you'll get the grip. Google fancies all responsive designs. While Google has never released an official statement or a comprehensive study to show how and on what percentage does the responsiveness impacts the ranking boost, there are several statements released by Google contributors that suggest a clear impact.
If we think that the majority of searches nowadays are made using a portable device (tablet or phone), it is somehow logical that a responsive fast website will have a higher ranking than a similar non-responsive website.

A good way to make a website work in both worlds [mobile & desktop] would be to have a site that uses responsive web-design techniques to adjust to the size of the user’s device/settings. (John Mueller - Webmaster Trends Analyst)

Important names in the field of SEO and digital marketing have shown that a responsive website can increase both organic and paid traffic with up to 40%. While this type of case study may seem like one in a million, the truth is that making your website responsive, is a synonym for bringing your business to the XXIst century.

Bootstrap and Drupal 8, a love story

The long awaited Drupal 8 has come with a bunch of changes, only to the best. While the first grasp of it may seem like a challenge, once you get used to it, it’s really not that hard to use, on the contrary. Drupal 8 comes with a variety of modules already implemented in the core, that will make all programmers life way easier.

Drupal, Softescu, and Bootstrap

At Softescu, we know the importance of a responsive website and we value the end result, as well as the digital experience of our customer’s customers. Whenever a client comes to our digital craft shop, we offer a full-service pack that includes design, development and SEO optimization. For the best results, our team of designers, developers, and content marketing specialists always advise making websites fully responsive, no matter what CMS your website is using. In more than 8 years of experience, we had the chance to see the impact of these changes on the rankings and our customer’s businesses, and our piece of advice would be to seriously think about making your website responsive.

If you want to migrate a website or you’re just planning a makeover, give us a shout and we’ll gladly help you!

Until then, we’ll be here, you know…coding and looking for the best digital solutions.

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