Brace yourself, Drupal 8 is coming

After the official release of Drupal RC1, stories about Drupal 8 functionalities are starting to appear just as the snowflakes in the first day of a snowy winter, and now that we are getting closer and closer to the official release of Drupal 8, we try to dig in more and more into the Drupal novelties.

It seems that the prayers of all the front-end devs have finally been listened. Drupal 8 was designed with a mobile-first approach: Bartik, the default theme for Drupal 8, is fully responsive.
Before popping out the champagne, check this out: Drupal 8 has 75% fewer CSS ids than Drupal 7, not to mention the improved theme/template system and a fully HTML5 markup

As excited as you may be about this change, and believe me that we are, when you want to upgrade to Drupal 8, prepare to be as flexible as possible. Drupal 8 won’t make you go all vanDame, but you will need all the support from the community, maybe from your mamma sometimes. At the end of the day, using Drupal 8 will prove to be a worthy challenge and it will help you on a long-term, so hang up in there.

Anyhow, in our journey in the Drupal 8 world, we will try to keep you as informed as possible with all our discoveries and with useful code lines.

Stay tuned for code and novelties!

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