Custom-built platforms vs. Commercial/Open-Source platforms

You've decided that you need a complex portal or maybe just a simple website and you started to look for a solution. You are considering to have something custom-built because you feel that your business processes or just your requirements for your site needs are very particular and different from everybody else. That's true, most of us look for things that feel & look as we are already accustomed in our working environment.

You know that you have the choice to have something custom built in a language of your choice and you already have visited some platforms but you think those sites don't look or are not yes you wish. Moreover, the provider you have started to discuss with has told you that going for a custom-built solution is cheaper & faster & will look exactly as you wish. It's almost perfect except some little details that you are probably going to negotiate a bit. What you don't know yet is the fact that you are about to do a terrible mistake.

Custom-built needs faster and cheaper to start with. They provide immediate and visible results. However, they often lock you with your initial provider and while the start-to-production costs are cheaper initially, you will soon discover that patches and additions are taken more time and money. Have I told you that you are locked with the first provider? Yes, because they coded they will probably be the only one used to decode they mess and yes, their work will be more and more expensive in time due to the lock-in.

Often custom built solutions lack an audit security check and prone to a lot of security bugs. What you do if your CEO asks you to add a multi-language interface or new modules? You will soon discover that your custom-built application is now not ready to that and either needs a redesign or a bloated patch.

I did the same mistakes as you might be ready to do now and if you need a free advice just us the contact form and yes, they're pretty good commercial/open source platforms already designed to fit a huge number of customizations to even the most particular need you might have.

Custom-built solutions are so much 2000!

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