Drupal 8.0.0 gets multilingual

Drupal 8 is announced to bring a lot of brand new features that will make the life of both developers and editors way easier.

My personal favorite feature is the multilingual part, and normally, I am going to speak about this.

We live in a multilingual society and the demand for multilingual websites has increased substantially in the last couple of years, so it was rather normal for Drupal to keep up with today’s requirements.

Drupal 7 is not really an easy-to-use tool when it comes to multilingual websites. The process of translating the menu and then the subsequent articles was and still is somehow difficult and along the years, I had long conversations with content creators complaining more than once about losing data, articles or other problems. Whenever you hear this type of problems, think that it’s true that some problems may have appeared, but keep in mind that Drupal is no CAT, so you can’t expect to have automated translations and things as such (at least for now).

Drupal 8 multilingual feature brings great news for both content creators and for the devs worldwide.

The ability to translate a text can be configured at the level of any subtype or entity type, and you may even have the entities support translation.
Starting with Drupal 8, all you will have to do for a multilingual website will be to enable 4 key modules in the core and you will be able to natively install in 94 languages. After these modules are enabled, any content administrator can immediately start adding the required content in the chosen languages.

As a bonus for all translators and content creators, Drupal 8 comes with an overview screen for translators and with contextual translation tabs for builders. And with someone with a back in translation studies and CAT development, this is a dream come true.

Thanks, Drupal 8 for making my day better, and for being the best CRM.

Tomorrow, 19th Nov, after the official release and the subsequent party (we need to celebrate #Celeb8D8) we will start digging in Drupal’s new multilingual, e-commerce and many other features and templates. Then we’ll keep you informed on our latest discoveries.

Until then, see y’all tomorrow at the party!

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