Follow these 5 steps when choosing a web development company

How should I choose a development company? We heard this question a million times. Choosing your development company is sometimes more than hard. You have tons of doubts and you end up wishing for a wonder pixie to guide you in this hard decision. It seems hard to believe, but there are some key points to follow when choosing the right web development company for your digital project.

As Softescu is a Drupal shop, I will address mainly the concerns when choosing a Drupal Development Company. However, these rules are more than relevant for any type of development company, so even though you want a Python development company, for example, you may read this article.

So, here we go! Here are 5 points to follow when choosing your web development company:

1. The company has the needed web specialty

Let me clear this out for you. If you need a Drupal company, make sure that the digital shop that you are hiring has Drupal as the main sector of activity. If you need a doctor for yourself, you won’t hire a vet, am I right?

It also depends on the type of project you are having. The biggest the project, the biggest the concerns when it comes to the digital shop to be hired.

Drupal being a rather special CMS, with a lot of features, you may want to make sure that the company you are hiring has a Drupal “major” and that they’ve delivered some other Drupal projects.

This goes for other CMSes as well as for other programming languages besides PHP. Don’t want to be so harsh on the new digital companies out there, but the experience really matters in this field.

2. Web developer certifications: ensure certified developers

Almost all programming languages offer certifications and so do the content management systems providers.

For example, in the case of Drupal, Acquia provides a multitude of certifications for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

Check if the company you are looking forward to hiring has at least a certified developer. Certifications are a proof of their commitment and their expertise in the field. The companies that are committed to their projects and to a constant development of their developers, will try to have as many certified developers as possible. You may want to have at least a certified Drupal developer on your project to maximize the results.

From site builders to backend developers, Softescu has tried to have as many certified developers as possible, and so far we are maintaining a staggering 40% certified developers and growing.

3. Check the web company’s experience in the field

With experience comes wisdom.

Development companies make no exceptions from this saying. While it’s true that some really young companies may have all the needed skills and knowledge for a development project, they may also have little experience managing the given development hours and additional problems that appear along the development phase. You may want a company that has run for a while and that won’t disappear after the first payment was transferred.

Also, when a company has a couple of delivered projects, you may do a bit of research and see how the development went for other customers, ask for credentials and see just how the whole experience was.

4. A web company that is active in their field of expertise

Communities are great.

In the community, you may find out more about a specific problem that you are having, share your knowledge and help others. In the case of Drupal, the community is soooo important, as there are thousands of passionate developers working to make the web better for everyone. There are gatherings almost every month, the most important being the DrupalCon. While for other systems the community feeling is not as developed as in the case of Drupal, it is important to have people that at least try to give something back. It’s again, a problem of commitment and engagement, as mentioned at the previous point.

In the case of Drupal, the feeling of giving something back to the opens source community is just great and cannot be surpassed by anything else.

5. Support, maintenance, and documentation

Choose a company that will assist you in the months after the project was made live.

The first month is usually critical as this is the period when the most problems appear (due to technical problems, or to problems understanding how the functionalities work). Don’t’s normal! It can happen to the best of us.

Yet, in this transition period, you may want to have the development company close. Also, ask from the very beginning a complete documentation to guide you in the main processes of the delivered website or platform for when the support period ends up.

We’ve seen customers that were amazed when we were delivering the projects with the related documentation. Taking care of the aftermath of the project is just as important as the project in itself, or that’s what we are Softescu are always doing.

BONUS TIP & CONCLUSION: Choose a company that won’t lie to you

Sorry for adding this up, but it seems that it’s a problem.

Some of our clients told us that some development companies were lying in their reports and that they would only see the end-result when the project was fully completed...sometimes with lots of errors and misguiding development reports.

Transparency is a key point in choosing the development procedure and the development company. Make sure that the company is offering a full report of the development hours. At Softescu, for example (sorry for bragging, but this is the only company that I really know well), our clients can see in all moment the state of the project, as well as the hours spent doing specific tasks

Now, how great it is to have access to your “baby”, whenever you want to see how it’s hanging?

Hope this helps!

However, if you need more info in the field of Drupal and Angular development, Softescu will be more than glad to have a talk with you. Use the comment section below, or contact us using the contact form on the website.

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