How to create a Drupal 8 Multisite

A great feature that comes with Drupal 8 is that you can set up multi-sites way easier, just by using cPanel. No more code duplicates and this feature is great even for multi-language websites, but we will talk about that later on.

How to do it?

1. Download Drupal

2. Upload and extract all files into a new folder. Let’s assume you want to create two websites (fish & chips) that can be accessed from subdomains or from subdirectories. Create a user or two to access the databases you have created for the two websites (user_fish and user_chips) which will be accessed by user user_drupal who will have privileges: ALTER, CREATE, CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES, DELETE, DROP, INDEX, INSERT, SELECT, and UPDATE.

3. Make Drupal know that you will have multiple websites. Create a file called sites.php with a $sites array containing all the rules.

4. Format of each index:

'<port>.<domain>.<path>' => 'directory'.
$sites = array(
        ''     => 'fish',
        '' => 'chips',
); uses the /fish/ folder and uses the /chips/ folder, these folders need to be created: /drupal/sites/fish/ and /drupal/sites/chips/

5. SSH / Shell / Terminal

  1. Connect to your web server via SSH. If you’re on Windows, you can use PuTTY.
  2. The /drupal/sites/default/ site will have default files we need to copy into each of our sites. Copy these files using the cp command in the sites directory:
cp default/default.settings.php fish/settings.php
cp default/default.settings.php chips/settings.php

cp default/ fish/services.yml
cp default/ chips/services.yml

6. You have your multi-site, but the two websites are empty. Why? Because now you need to make a symbolic link from /fish/ and /chips/ to /drupal/

7. Create some symbolic links that will automatically point /fish/ and /chips/ to /drupal/ like they are the same folder.

ln -s drupal chips
ln -s drupal fish 

8. Install Drupal and visit your websites

With multisite, the two sites can be completely different except for the fact that they share the same underlying code.

Try it now and let us know if it worked for you.

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Not really sure what is your problem. Did you manage to make the setup? If yes, you can visit for example, but it will be blank because the web server doesn't know how to point the sites to the Drupal directory. At the 7th step, you are making the actual links between /drupal/ and whatever your website is (in our case /fish/ and /chips/). P.S. If a subdirectory is created when you create a subdomain, delete that directory with a rmdir fish for example.

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