Drupal 6 EOL – What to do

The fact that Drupal 6 will go EOL on 24 Feb 2016 is no surprise to anyone in the community…it’s just the cycle of any CMS life. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world, even if your website is still built with Drupal 6. Many things can be done for your Drupal 6 website, so just take a deep breath and let's proceed.

First step – active chill

Even though Drupal 6 will be EOL, this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your website, it just means that you will lose the communities support. As you may know, Drupal is all about its awesome community, so this may be a bit stressful. Relax! The sky won’t fall, or at least not immediately…but you should really think and/or schedule an upgrade, as all the juice given to D6 will now be redirected to D7 and Drupal 8.
Think of this Drupal 6 EOL as an opportunity. It’s high time to reevaluate your business, see its true needs and then comply with them. 

Second step – evaluation for evolution

Take your time and plan the future of your online image and thus of your business. It’s a time of reflection and you should really ask some questions. For example, think of those questions you generally ask your future employees during a job interview:
1. What are the changes that my business has had in the last years
2. What are the real needs of my current business and my website
3. Where do I see my business in the next years 
4. What are the downsides of your current platform and how we could fix them

Third step – magic globe or it’s time to say goodbye

Continuous change is the word of order when it comes to the internet and to Drupal. You should be the first to know the changes your business is craving for or, at least, you should find someone that would do it for you.
We know it’s hard to leave your old CMS for a new version of it, but sometimes it’s time to let it go peacefully and to move on to the next step.
You may think of upgrading your website either to Drupal 7 or to Drupal 8, as this will spare you a lot of time and problems and it will prepare you for the trends to come and, why not, for the future.

If you want a website analysis, a new design or you’re thinking of an upgrade, Softescu may be the company for you! Give us a shout!

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