Drupal 8 Release Party: Bacau, Romania

Drupal 8 is coming, so you’d better get this release party started, or at least that's what we're going to do. All Drupal enthusiasts are invited to celebrate the official release of Drupal 8. Softescu's coding superheroes will be at the Irish Pub to have a pint of beer, a shot of palinka and a Drupal8 shaped pizza :)

Head to the Irish Pub downtown Bacau for our Drupal 8 Launch Party on Thursday, November 19th, starting with 7.00PM.

Remember to take a picture and to tweet it with #Drupal8art or with #celebr8D8 to become part of Softescu's Drupal 8 Artwork.
Rock the Drupal 8 Hall of Fame NOW!

Dress code: Drupal blue and at least a Drupal (a drupal badge, a sticker, a Drupal polished nail...something).

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