DrupalCon Asia 2016

From Feb 18 to Feb 21, DrupalCon moves to Asia for a full Drupal weekend. As in the case of previous DrupalCons, this event is a great opportunity for all Drupal enthusiasts to meet and share their experience and best practices in the field. Also, it’s the best time to share some D8 knowledge with the thousands of Drupal fans all over the world. More people are starting to use Drupal 8 and this is the first event since the D8 RC1.

Is there a dress code? Nope…just code :)

The event takes place at the fashionable Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay (IITB) as well as in other locations in Mumbai and the organizers promised a lot of surprises, sprints, workshops and contests, so don’t want to miss it. Don’t forget to grab a souvenir before departure to remember of all the good Drupal friends we are having all over the world.

Good news for all those that didn’t manage to register! You may find a limited number of tickets on-site.

DrupalCon Asia is the first in a series of this year’s 3 DrupalCon. The next one will take place in New Orleans (May 9-13, Louisiana, USA) and the last but not the least in Dublin (September 26-30, Ireland).

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