Softescu: 8 Key Facts of 2015

In 2015, Softescu celebrated 8 years dedicated to bringing to life digital experiences for our clients. It may look like a lot of time, yet Softescu is still a young company that will continue to grow in numbers in the years to come as our recently updated stats show. We have grown and evolved with Drupal, the most advanced open source CMS platform, and it seems that 8 is our lucky number, as in our 8th year of existence we have witnessed the release of Drupal 8. A great year with new colleagues, new partnerships, new teams, new projects and, the best of all, a brand new Drupal to test and to discover. What more to ask for? As 8 seems to be our lucky number, here are Softescu’s 8 key facts for 2015:

Fact 1 - New Customers

Every time when we get a new customer and a new project, from an industry we’ve never worked with, we get really excited about all the functionalities we’re going to use or even sometimes discover. Site design and migrations are our personal favorites, as this means that more and more website owners are discovering the benefits of using Drupal. Drupal theming, visual design, performance enhancement, site audit and many other services, Softescu provides a full range of Drupal services for all fields of activity. Our customers can always be sure about the transparency of the whole developing process and the quality of our source code.

Fact 2 - New Acquia Drupal Certifications

We have started the year with new Acquia certified Drupalists and in 2016, we are planning to have more and more certified colleagues, that will reaffirm our expertise in the field.

Fact 3 - Design and Content Marketing Services

In 2015, we have decided to enlarge the palette of services offered to our customers with design and digital marketing. Now, Softescu is able to offer a full pack of services that can smooth the path from our customer's original idea to the end product.

Using pre-built templates is not our favourite choice of action. Why buying a pre-made template and then figure out what content fits in the pre-designed place? We'd rather help our customer decide what content they want to show and then create a design that empowers the content for their site visitors. Once the website is completed and ready to go live, our SEO and digital marketing team can boost the number of visitors on your website, increase your website's authority and make your business as visible as possible to your target audience.

Fact 4 - Sponsorships to DrupalCon LA and DrupalCon Barcelona

As we have done almost every past years, in 2015, we have been supporters of the Drupal Community, and as usual, we took part in last’s year DrupalCons. A usual presence at these events, Softescu had a kickass sea-side inspired lounge at the Barcelona DrupalCon and in 2016, we plan to meet all our friends from the community at the next DrupalCons.

Fact 5 - Drupal Education Days and Partnership with the local University

As part of the local Drupal community, we at Softescu believe in the power of example and in the importance of all students and apprentices. Bacau has a quite small, yet vibrant community of IT enthusiasts and friends, so it’s always a pleasure to meet the future stars of the code. We have always supported University’s tech events and we have always been a strong militant for Drupal, through our yearly Drupal Education Days event. During this event, our programmers show students what they could do with Drupal and why Drupal is the best open source CMS. We think that it is important to create opportunities for students and to try to keep them as motivated as possible, so at the end of this event, the students receive Drupal themed merchandises and diplomas.

Fact 6 - Drupal Association’s Sponsors

As every year, we are supporting partners of the Drupal Association. We are committed to supporting the development of Drupal and of the Drupal community, and being a Supporting Partner of Drupal Association is one way of showing this.

Fact 7 - Drupal8Art – Collaborative Artwork

Do you remember the release of Drupal 8 RC1 and all the D8 parties? We surely do.

To celebrate this Drupal milestone, our team has created a Drupal 8 Collaborative Artwork. 8923 people have decided to take part in this general celebration of Drupal, and you can still check this true D8 monument dedicated to the newborn Drupal 8.

Fact 8 - Mobile Apps are Part of our Future Growth

In 2015 we have developed and released a whole new iPad strategy turn-based Quiz game, called Quizzers. The game is gaining grounds in New Zealand and we are currently working to make it available in more and more countries and on more devices.

For Softescu, 2015 has been a fantastic year! Surely, we are going to miss 2015 but we will also be sure to make 2016 even better!

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