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Softescu is back from DrupalCamp London, and my God, it was amazing! For a full weekend, we’ve been quite busy joining the Londoners that use Drupal at another brilliant DrupalCamp, this time in London. In a true Drupal Marathon, we’ve coded, talked, shared information and met some of the people that form this amazing community of the Drupal supporters. With so much informational input, coffee was de rigueur, and since we were in London, tea was more than essential, so for this year’s event, Softescu was Tea and Coffee Sponsor.

If you’ve missed it, we are here to say that Drupal 8 was once again, the main topic of discussion. Each and every contributor came with interesting and relevant new information about their experiences with Drupal 8. There was something for each and everyone, and in the spirit of DrupalCamps, training sessions were available for beginners and intermediate Drupal enthusiasts.

The event was scheduled to last 3 days:

Friday – the opening day

A business-oriented day, Friday was the CXO day, a day dedicated to all Drupal agency’s owners over there. A mix between an unconference and training sessions, the day was packed with lectures where you could find out what motivates open-source contributors or about how awesome it was to work on The highlight of the day was Jam's session on "How to sell Drupal 8". A particular note for us was the creation of the BigPipe module for Drupal 8 that will surely boost the loading performance. The module is that great that it is planned to become part of D8.1 core.

Saturday – Drupal conferences and training everywhere

The second day was more than full of Drupal 8 talks packed on several tracks, and we were there like sponges to get all that D8 information. Not a single thing was spared, from UX to Symfony, migrations and many other hot D8 subjects. Our takeaways for the day were Behat testing and the impact of Continous Integration on improving coders performance. We are also happy to notice the progress in decoupled Drupal with AngularJS as frontend framework in D8. After a full day, in the evening we crashed the bar at the social night where the well-known Alex Burrows was the DJ that made the atmosphere explode. Apparently, by the time we left, they were out of beer...

Sunday – the last day

A more relaxed day in store, this last day of the event was somehow like the last day in the summer camp. The morning kicked off with the Scouts Association presentation on how they use Drupal to send out information to all the little and seniors scouts out there. Time to pack all that info, return home and share it with all the folks back home.

An amazing experience to be repeated soon. Congratulations to the organizers for (yet) another successful #dclondon. Coffee at the DrupalCamp London was sponsored by Softescu in our own cute branded cups.

Photo Credit: Paul Johnson

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