Why is Drupal used by the Gov

Do you remember in primary school when there was that one that was the teacher's favorite student? Somehow the others liked him too, somehow they hated him. Well, Drupal is exactly like that good student, when it comes to .gov or complex websites.

Why is Drupal so popular among governments and governmental organizations? Well, there’s something about Drupal that makes it irresistible to governments and that is the capacity to manage huge amount of data. We don’t say it’s the only one capable of doing it, but it’s the best and the most efficient CMS that can do it. Drupal is the man for the job!

24% of all the .gov websites in the US are using Drupal as their CMS

Millions of websites are using Drupal as CMS, mainly because Drupal is a competitive, relatively not so expensive and secure CMS. After the White House had chosen Drupal for their website’s CMS in 2009, Drupal received more and more requirements to deliver competitive and well-built websites and especially .gov websites. NASA, Australia’s PM, the French government are just some of the big names that decided to go Drupal. 

Seeking the low-cost security

Drupal is an open-source CMS, making it an alternative to other platforms. Drupal is supported by a community of thousands of programmers that each and every day create more and more modules and features. All errors are checked and corrected by the community's members as soon as they are discovered.
This strong and united community guarantees Drupal’s security and makes it one of the most secure CMS currently available on the market. All breaches in the security are immediately addressed and fixed by well-trained programmers to ensure that Drupal keeps its security standard.

Innovation is the key word

Drupal lets you innovate as much as possible. While some .gov websites offer only basic information, others such as the White House want to keep in touch with their users, to reply to their questions and to keep them as informed as possible about...well, everything the user may need. Anyhow, Drupal has something for both types of websites and this is precisely what makes it the best open-source CMS on the market!

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