Diversey Prosumer Solutions Multi Brand Site for a Multi-national Company

Diversey Prosumer Solutions comes with a brand new platform powered by Drupal, Acquia Lightning, and Composer, and enabled by Softescu. In the Diversey Care division’s portfolio, we will find brands such as Endusts, Dove, Snuggle, Glass PLus, etc, brands that will be running using Drupal 8 as their main CMS.

Company presentation:

Diversey Prosumer Solutions, formerly JohnsonDiversey, Inc., is a top provider of cleaning and hygiene products to the institutional marketplace. The company, serves lodging, food service, retail, healthcare, food, and beverage companies, as well as building service contractors worldwide, hence the need for a multilanguage website. Diversey is a former Sealed Air Corporation company.

With a history of almost 100 years and more than 11.000 employees, the company is a key player in the sanitization industry.

The challenge

With more than 200 products and 42 different brands, the platform needed to offer a cohesive environment where these products can be easily found by all types of possible customers in a different online environment. Thus the need for a selection of easy to use filters, features, and options.

Design features

Our main challenge, right from the sketching period, was to create a design that would be simple, accessible to the targeted users and that would offer one of the best user experience. That is, without affecting the web pages loading speeds, the SEO, and the general interactions.

The micro-sites design was made to fit the custom content and the visual identity of the brands included in the Diversey portfolio. Our main challenge was to assure that via this new and fresh design, we will increase the retention of the website and (maybe) even the number of conversions, while all the required and needed features are implemented.

The grid chosen for these websites used the Bootstrap Grid System. The system is perfectly adapted to the responsive features required in a mobile-first world. The Bootstrap grid system makes the content automatically adjust itself and then fit any screen type at all resolutions. This makes the information accessible to any type of environment.

Dedicated fonts were used both in the original design, and on the end result, due to their usability and upright stress, open forms, and neutral, yet friendly appearance. The typeface is also fully optimized for legibility across print, web, and mobile interfaces.

Implementation with Lightning

With a modular construction, Drupal comes as a perfect solution for the implementation of this type of websites. If and when the company decides to make changes in its portfolio, features, or design, the implementation of these changes will take less time and money, than in the case of other configurations or CMS systems.

In the implementation process, Drupal 8 was used as the main CMS, powered by Lightning and Composer. The open-source platform offers continual integrations pipelines that monitor major functionality, essentially providing a safe environment to innovate with custom-made code additions to Lightning.

Lightning is a great solution to create great enterprise authoring experiences and empower editors with intuitive, visual tools that simplify the layout, the media usage, the workflow and the previews.

Thus, the Diversey Prosumer Solutions platform enables users to have relevant digital experiences with the help of Drupal 8. It also makes it really simple to upload, embed and manage images, videos, social media, and other assets.

Main functionalities

Being an international company with more than 42 brands in their portfolio, hundreds of products and thousands of customers, the platform was in need of a multilanguage environment. The main website and the microsites feature English as the first language, together with French and Spanish. In future versions the platform will be translated into more and more languages, making it even more accessible to people worldwide.

For increased accessibility and a better user experience, both a wishlist and a solution center page have been added. The Solution center offers an inventive way of filtering products for their use. Instead of an average filter system, a more intuitive solution, in the form of an interactive dot-marked plan of a room, has been found.

Another great aspect is the implementation of a Rebates feature that functions throughout all the micro-sites. This means that all rebates and promotions are displayed on both the mother-site, as well on the subsidiary brand websites that are subject to the rebate.

A new crafted by Softescu website that promises lots of surprises to all the Diversey’s customers.

Implementation by Softescu

Both the design and the implementation have been done by Softescu, a Drupal specialized company. With services including web design, product development, testing, branding and digital marketing for Drupal, Angular and Magento, Softescu creates engaging digital experiences with Drupal, for clients worldwide.

New Drupal-powered websites for Diversey Prosumer Solutions


Industry: Chemicals, Hygiene, Sanitization
Products: Cleaning, food safety, business-to-business products and services
Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
Employees: over 11.000
Website: diverseybrands.com