Ergio Prod Enterprise Business Application to manage manufacturing process

Ergio Prod is a Romanian timber house factory. This was the first Internet of Things project delivered by Softescu. Ergio Prod IoT project is a useful tool for a good management. This management tool stocks all the production metrics and cost in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of the process.

For this project, we used Raspberry PI devices to track all the production processes of this timber factory and to measure the output and the costs of each product in terms of efficiency, human resources, and materials used in the process.

The application has improved the monthly output of the factory by allowing its managers to find problems and eventual jams in the manufacturing process. In twelve months from the implementation, it improved the factory’s efficiency by 30%. Part of the extra-workforce has been relocated to other jobs as the manufacturing process has been streamlined.

Internet of Things - IoT

Generally, when thinking of brand new areas of technology, the Internet of Things has its special place. For this project, we have connected the stages of the manufacturing process with the use of IoT devices that output the content & store information from a Drupal backend.

The Ergio Prod project developed into a great tool that empowers managers with valuable real-time data about all the production costs and status of each individual project.

Another really interesting point for this project is that it marked an innovative implementation of Drupal. Usually used as a CMS, this time, Drupal was converted into a general framework adapted to a very precise case.

Challenges - Provide ability to interact with the system to factory workers in a simple manner

Due to the nature of their work, the workers from the factory could not use a mouse/keyboard to interact with the system. Our developers integrated fixed and portable QR scanners and implemented a barcode-based mechanism for user authentication and data manipulation thus reducing the time and technical knowledge required typically by a user to work with the system.

The system also collects and computes various metrics like time spent by a worker on a task, and the amount of wood that a worker or a machine processes and uses this data to provide reports and analytics for the management. Another addition to this project was a “Warehouse management module” that provides the ability to manage the material acquisition for the factory and to prepare the required materials for production.

Ergio Prod: IoT project for a good management


Industry: Timber House Production
Headquarter: Comanesti, Romania
Project: Drupal powered IoT management tool