Humanistic Presentation Site for a Training Company

Humanistic is a Romanian-based Consultancy in Human Resources, Training and Development company that aims to develop organizations that are constantly learning from day-to-day activities. The company was created with the strategic objective of helping organizations to develop their own custom learning ecosystems, systems that can help employees to develop and to use their talents in everything they do.

Humanistic needed a website to reflect their young and innovative spirit, as well as their approach towards a constant transition between the individual and the collective levels.

Why Drupal

As we are really keen on helping startup companies to succeed, this project was the apple of our eye. Drupal comes as a natural choice for a startup company, as this open source CMS offers stability and functionalities, at a relatively low cost.

A modular CMS, Drupal is great for startups that look forward to developing their online presence. A website built with Drupal can be easily changed, developed and modified to fit the needs of a growing company.

Humanistic wanted a website that would be simple to use, functional and relatively not so expensive in terms of implementation. That is why we came up with a responsive Drupal multi-language website based on a Bootstrap theme and with some neat Parallax effects for a plus of interactivity.

Responsive Design

Humanistic was a rather complex project that involved all our teams. To begin with, the design team created all the parts of their visual identity, starting with the logo and completing it with the full design of their brand new website.

Our SEO, digital and content marketing team made a comprehensive study of all the necessary words that are relevant to their end-users. Getting the right keywords is crucial for a brand new website with a few content pieces. Even so, a few words well-targeted words may mean the difference between SERP’s first or 100th page. Before starting an AdWords campaign, our SEOs wanted to make the website as relevant as possible for the search network, by adding all the SEO modules, as well as targeted content.

In the brief, there was the explicit demand of a simple website that could display all the information that Humanistic clients might be looking for, in a simple and easy to use interface. Softescu came with a design based on a 12 column Bootstrap layout. Also, the website is fully responsive for all digital platforms and search engines.

Humanistic - a rather complex project that involved all our teams


Industry: Trainig & Development, HR
Headquarters: Bucharest
Founded in 2015
Number of clients: more than 50