WOLF Imobiliare Presentation site for a Real Estate Company

Wolf Real Estate is a Romanian Sibiu-based real estate company that started building apartments for young families all across Sibiu. To better understand the full picture, Sibiu is among Europe’s top 10 most idyllic cities (as mentioned by Forbes). The city was the European cultural capital in 2007, so, as more and more people are attracted to this city, there is a rather high competition on the real estate market.

High competition brought the necessity of a well-designed website that would add something different from the existing competition and would make WOLF stand out from the crowd of real estate agencies.

Why Drupal

Wolf Real Estate came to us with just an idea that our teams had to bring to life. Even though Drupal is a great tool for extremely complicated websites, we wanted to show how great Drupal can be for a presentation website or for a blog, and we think we nailed it.

Due to the field of activity, the site needed to be easy to change, as more apartments and features are added to WOLF’s portfolio. Sibiu is a rather cosmopolite and international city, so our developers have foreseen the need of a multilingual site where clients of all nationalities could find relevant information in their native languages.

The presentation website is multilingual, and has a total of three languages (Romanian, English, and German).

Design - concepts and implementation

Wolf Real Estate is a presentation site for a Romanian real estate entrepreneur who wanted a modular website, easy to change or update, depending on the projects that needed to be promoted in the near and far future.

Our work for this client includes branding with logo and visual markers, graphic design, interior photo in 3D, content marketing, constant copywriting, and a fully responsive portal created with Drupal.

Starting from the look of the apartments, our designers created the logo and the visual identity of the company. Then, the design team created a brand new fully responsive website template that combines the features and the colors of the apartments with a great user experience. Users were offered detailed information for all types of apartments (studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments), and an easy-to-use contact form.

A blog was included in the original design to increase the ranking, adding value and traffic to the website. On this blog, targeted content is added every week to make the website more attractive and visible to possible customers. The blog has been implemented as a separate Drupal website with a different layout. On this blog, the user accounts are shared with the master site, to make the connectivity easier.

After carefully making a market research, our marketers discovered that the target audience includes busy people that are more likely to look for an apartment from a mobile device (tablet or smartphone). WOLF’s website is fully responsive and can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices.

After the implementation of the website, our digital marketing team created customized AdWords campaigns, as well as a consistent social media presence, that attracted more and more traffic to the website. 

Since the website implementation, the traffic increase with a rate of 200%, sales have augmented with 70% and the majority of the apartments were sold.

WOLF, real estate agency website powered by Drupal


Industry: Real Estate
Headquarter: Sibiu, Romania
Project: Drupal presentation website and blog
Website: wolfimobiliare.ro