Drupal Development & Drupal Experts

From architecture to development, debugging and testing, Softescu provides a full range of Drupal services.

Assisting organizations & companies across the globe to deliver high-quality digital user experiences with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. First of all, you should know that, Softescu's dev team is composed of more than 50% certified Acquia Drupal Developers.

Enjoy full-transparency and results due to an AGILE-based development process. Dedicated Project Managers, Drupal developers with frontend, backend and site building skills, as well a team of QA analysts, they all collaborate to deliver a valuable end-product.

Drupal theming and visual design

Softescu enjoys the best of the theming ecosystem. Along the years, we have tested and used them all according to our client's wishes: Twig, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Kickstarter, Plink, Fusion, Framework or even fully custom made themes that adhere to all Drupal standards in theming. We strive for pixel perfect across all browsers.

Drupal site design and development

Making a website from scratch is our specialty. Starting with a simple idea, coming with a modern and functional design, that can be implemented by our team of Drupal developers, makes us evolve and grow

Softescu is a full-stack Drupal shop that takes pride in the work delivered!

We don't hack the core as we don't want kittens to be hurt.

All code passes through a variety of code review tests to be sure that we respect all Drupal coding standards. All our clients should know that we use JIRA for project management and time tracking; the majority of our meetings take place on Skype, WebEx and a variety of other tools, to save valuable time.

Drupal migration and integration

Headaches, frustrations, rinse and repeat? Yeah, we had those hundreds of times while migrating sites to Drupal from other types of CMS or from older versions of Drupal (yes, Drupal 6...it's you, we're talking about). Thanks to everyone for choosing Drupal, BTW :D. In the process, our devs use Migration modules and the rest is our magic…

Drupal consulting and site audit

Confusing terms such as nodes, blocks, get a module for a fancy button? These and other Drupal mantras can be easily stepped over by "newbies". While drupal.org is our best friend, we know that there are out there developers that still prefer to go hiatus when it's about standards. Softescu offers consulting hours for you or a site audit if you do not understand why your Drupal site keeps crashing or having performance issues. Go and get now a Drupal site audit from us using the contact form!

Drupal training and documentation

Community is the power of Drupal and we love to support that. We've done Drupal Education Days in support of our local community and we try to support the community as much as possible. When we are not too busy to develop beautiful sites for our customers, we offer training for those seeking to advance the Drupal ladder.

Headless and decoupled Drupal

Ok, this sounds sinister but actually is a very valid approach when we are talking about trends in using Drupal. We've used AngularJS and we've even connected Drupal on Raspberry PI to power a factory management system. How cool is that?

Enterprise Drupal consulting

Multi-site-multilingual-responsive-e-commerce-content-authoring platform? Give us a call if you want your multi-multi site developed or you need a powerful cloud storm hosting integration to strike your customers with blazing fast sites.

Drupal third-party integration

MailChimp, translation platforms, SAP or any other productivity or sales tools you use or need that has an API can be integrated with Drupal. Let this be& our problem to figure out the process, integration and development of a module to take care of this.

Drupal tech support and maintenance

Do you have a complete Drupal site? Checked.

Drupal core updates? What's that?

In this case, Softescu can offer various maintenance and tech support packages to cater all needs and budgets, thus keeping your Drupal installation up-to-date. We even take care of other's Drupal sites' (mess).

Drupal performance enhancement

Did they tell you that Drupal is slow? It can be slow if it's wrongly developed or it's not properly scaled. We fight for every millisecond that you want to recover in your loading speeds! Let the seconds’ war start! We win.

Drupal multi-site implementation

Leverage the power of Drupal to ... ok, let's get serious. You want to save money. You need a site that can be scaled to tens of other subsites. Ok, we've got it. Let's do this!

Drupal community building

It's not a service to you, it's a service to the Drupal community. We have sponsored Drupal camps across the globe and we even had some initiatives to encourage the Drupal community in Romania. You can for sure meet us at DrupalCons and DrupalCamps. Just look for the Drupal trivia addicts and the party people and you might spot us there. We have even contributed small patches and a module to do.

Contact us now for a quote at office(at)softescu.com