United Nations Entity

Management for Drupal sites for several units of United Nations.




Websites for an International Non-profit

We specialize in managing Drupal websites as part of various framework contracts for the United Nations (UN). Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive support and maintenance services for Drupal-based platforms that are utilized within the UN's framework agreements.

As a trusted partner, we ensure the smooth functioning, security, and optimal performance of these Drupal websites, catering to the specific needs and requirements of the UN. Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in handling the intricacies of Drupal and has extensive experience in managing websites for large-scale organizations like the UN.

Through our dedicated efforts and commitment to excellence, we contribute to the UN's digital presence and help them effectively communicate and disseminate information to a global audience. Our collaboration with the UN reinforces our commitment to supporting organizations with critical missions and exemplifies our capabilities in managing complex Drupal projects within the framework of international contracts.

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Company info

  • Industry: Non-profit
  • Headquarters: New York
  • Experience: +40 years
  • Project Toolkit: Drupal, REST & Bootstrap
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Custom Features

We followed the UN procedures in code deployment & delivery. All development is done according to best Drupal practices.

Design & Layout

Designing websites to be in inline with current best practices.

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